We dive into brand culture and we breathe their ambitions.

We plan branding strategies and we work in industrial and interior design fields, integrate communication, graphic design, and web developing. Together we establish new goals and we cooperate in a planned evolutionary process. As in teams, we join our abilities and we help you embrace new technologies through a recognizable and innovative design, and a perfect production.

Creativity and innovation


Creative direction

The visual communication project and its declination are the first step to start an aware brand communication, clear and consistent. plasma® communication design is based on a solid project-management plan, and a deep knowledge of traditional and digital tools.
Creative direction develops, for the brand, visual communication projects following contents, style choices and artistic paths in line with the company goals. This process includes the selection of the creative team involved (art director, architect, graphic designer, photograph, video maker, web master) and the coordination of the strategic auxiliary services production.
At the beginning, there was the sign. We use the universal language of visual communication as emblematic synthesis of concepts and values, available in goods and services. Logotype, payoff, tone of voice: they are all terms with whom our graphic team goes to lunch, not before having breakfast with the Art Director, that’s made of research, in-depth analysis, and market strategy.
If for the agency, the agents’ network is the army to go to war with, we are the military industry that gives the more innovative and precise selling means: corporate catalogues that gets through your heart and mind, before distributor and then users. We offer a unique corporate-identity graphic project, through the design of a graphic layout that speaks as the brand, sensational digital images and professional copywriting, all rigorously made in plasma®.

Industrial design

We design on commission, daily use objects, thought for a large-scale production, with a ten-year wealth-of-experience  in industrial design and the continuous research of authentic beauty in made in Italy design. From the concept to the draft, from the technical drawing to the CAD model, to the final image and prototype production: we shape ideas.

  • Industrial and product design
  • Eco-oriented design
  • Market analysis and positioning.
  • Life-cycle design
  • Serialization study and optimization

If you have in mind something unique, we already know how to show it to you. Our modelling crew gives birth, light, substance and colour to objects that don’t exist already.. if not in the mind of who imagines them. We’re specialized in production of bidimensional composition and in making of CAD models and settings.
We are perfectionist of architectonic photorealistic visualization. Continuous research, the use of advanced softwares, daily use, first for passion than for profession, have made us for many companies, the reference agency for photorealistic, strong and emotional impact, digital images production, able to confer splendor to every object and setting.

Web Design Development

We make genuine digital experiences. We have a history of projecting and production of commercial and business websites, e-commerce, multichannel advertising campaigns and all that requires a creative strategy and an impeccable production. We develop instruments to satisfy the company needs. We create high quality code that privileges reliability, safety and performance, without deceiving the ambition of the style you desire.
How can we make the online visitor participate? How can we help our clients to manage their provisions among the online and offline boutique? What makes our clients’ clients happy? What is their attitude in online shopping? We can go on for hours and hours (and we do it). Our web projects are created to be immediately and easily consultable from whatever device we use to navigate, with an eye always careful to the visual communication, search engine indexing and integration of every social media channel the companies have.
Design and content, content and design: one can not exist without the other. That’s why the compelling narrative has our full attention. We create captivating and targeted digital content for any communication channel. We combine strategic analysis, user information, analytical data and common sense to create engaging user experiences. To tell your story, you can count on our partnership.
We help our clients to transfer the values of the brand and the company online and offline services to reliable application, with an extraordinary design and a captivating user experience. The design and the philosophy we follow are user-centered. We believe that exceptional design not only makes your app more beautiful, but that it creates intuitive user experiences. That guarantees that our apps are easy to use and support continuous use.

Adv and professional services

The ten-year experience side by side to brand that are careful to communicate their values through the participation to sector expos, events and exhibitions, has allowed us to study the best approach to the visitors, but also to know and value the best stand designers.
Our stand project moves from guidelines, values, images and integrate communication strategies that becomes transition spaces able to attract the eye and create an immediate bond between exhibitors and visitors.

  • Private and public stands
  • Expo stands
  • Transition spaces

Today images are, more and more, something that goes beyond photography.

Not only we put at the brand service our state-of-the-art photographic instruments, but we’ve got all the softwares that can transform and manipulate every single photogram following a precise goal.

We give clear and inter-connected stories that get your clients closer and aim to deepen their interest in your brand. Direct Email Marketing and social-media channels represent the direct and immediate line of communication between brand and client. Through our consultancy plans, the social media manager observes with dedication the market trends, carefully analyzes the competitors moves, traffic data and he studies the fittest target of the social media company channel, to create integrate contents that raise the users approval rating  and the perceived value of the brand.

We work in partnership,

we have common goals.