Method and synergy to a winning strategy.

plasma® is born from an idea of the neapolitan Art Director Carlo Picone: he wanted to build a strategic team assisted by an absolutist vision of design, architecture and communication. A dynamic and transversal team, which can cure every aspect of brand and company communication. The studio evolves, in working side by side with forward-looking companies and in coordinating the marketing activities through methods and strategies of integrate communication.

We look in your same direction.

We’re a team with an innovative, open and inclusive working strategy. We work in synergy to make a significant role in brand history. One referent for the company, with different key profiles, specialized in every intervention sector, supported by dynamic and motivated project teams. We always put people first, we believe in new generations and we walk side by side with users.

State of art in digital production.

plasma® digital productions, born out of experience in virtual reality and photorealistic architectonical visualization (rendering), represent for the design and architecture studies the possibility to maximize the result in projects, architectures and products presentation: this has made possible a series of professional collaborations, that have become real partnerships.